TAO Wellness Retreat in the Riviera Maya.

By | January 23, 2014

TAO Wellness Retreat Inspired living in the Riviera Maya 2 TAO Wellness Retreat in the Riviera Maya.


Located in a lush jungle landscape and designed with modern elegance and a natural simplicity, the TAO Wellness Center is the Riviera Maya’s most innovative and complete space for wellness retreats, and special events relating to health, personal growth and total well-being.

The Wellness Center is led by, Dr Jonathan Ellerby, a best-selling author and internationally recognized expert on holistic health and working in community wellness programs.

Already a successful author and leader in the wellness and spirituality business, Ellerby worked at the famed Canyon Ranch Resort in Arizona when he decided to make a move and live in Mexico. This move prompted him to write his latest book the “Promise of Paradise” in which he talks about his experiences moving to the Riviera Maya.

The TAO wellness community really embodies Dr Ellerbys own experiences and vision and this can be seen and felt throughout the center. The wellness retreat at TAO offers a wide range of options including yoga, stress management and Tai Chi, Chi Gong, zumba, body boot camp and nutrition classes, and spa treatments, including Shiatsu and Reiki, ancient Mayan clay massage, but also a traditional Mayan Temazcal purification ceremony.

And this is not all, at TAO they also offer an all-natural elixir bar (teas, fresh juices and fresh smoothies) enhanced with pure foods and herbal medicines so visitors can work toward achieving their health goals.

The Shen Energy Treatment Program is another vital aspect of the wellness retreat program where the therapist works with persons own energy. The Energy Treatment awakens the life force in the person, clears up negative energy in the body and causes the body to regenerate itself in every cell without exception.

One of the most important visions that Dr Ellerby had was that he wanted to bring people in touch with what brings them happiness and makes them feel connected, and that’s even reflected in the design — nature is a part of it.

There’s no such thing as a closed space at TAO Wellness Community or a room with four cement walls. Even the smallest rooms have windows. There’s a commitment to all that they do at the center to restore a feeling of connection so visitors can pursue the things that bring them health and vitality.

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