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And suddenly..Wellness – Change your mindset, one step at a time

No one likes change; it rarely comes easy. Slowly incorporating small steps toward your goals overtime leads to huge changes in the long run.  Many people jump, headfirst, onto the diet bandwagon around the New Year, but don’t. Adopting too much change at once often leads to burnout. Instead, outline your short-term goals, achieve them slowly, […]

TAO Foundation Wonderful Job Recognized!!

The TAO Foundation recently received a certificate of recognition for its wonderful work in the Mayan communities. Lead by Claudia Muñoz and Mariana Pinto, the TAO Foundation has been growing in its work. Recently we helped with a charity dinner that went to supporting AIDS education. Sadly, AIDS is a growing issue in the Mayan […]

Stretching & Warm Up

Stretching can mean the difference between having a year of great workouts and a year of sporadic, off and on training due to battling injuries that could have easily been prevented.Stretching will condition your muscles to move with less stress on the fibers.You can get a proper stretch by holding it for 10 seconds and […]