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Retire in Mexico for Year Round Nice Weather

   As global warming rises, climate patterns change resulting in more extreme and unpredicted weather across the world – many places getting hotter, some colder. For instance, the US and Canada are braced for potentially record-breaking low temperatures as a winter storm has already blanketed areas of Canada and the north-eastern US with up to […]

“Activating the Intuitive Hearth” a HearthMath Event

Past October TAO Wellness Center was privileged to have at home a HearthMath Event “Activating the Intuitive Hearth.” which gives to all the assistants tools for easing our way through the ongoing Shift and how together as coherence builders we can elevate the baseline of planetary consciousness for ushering in a new era of increased harmony […]

“An Ancient Future”

In May our very own co-founder – best-selling author Jonathan Ellerby PhD – led an incredible workshop combining small group lectures and workshops with experiences of Mayan culture and day trips to extraordinary ecological and historic sites. The theme, “an ancient future,” examined how ancient traditions offer enduring wisdom for daily life, and the constant […]


The TAO Wellness Center was gifted with this unique grand opening with internationally renowned teachers who shared their ancestral knowledge and wisdom of Mayan ancestors. Don Miguel Ruiz, Gregg Braden and Alberto Villoldo prepared the audience for the most significant moment of their lives.