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                    Dear TAO Family and Friends, October is here and once again we are moving into the most exciting event season of our year. This month we will have an incredible range of programs from the legendary Heartmath Institute, to two very special TAO Foundation sponsored […]

4 Interesting Facts About Riviera Maya

              Did you know?? – The world’s two largest underground rivers are found in the Riviera Maya, measuring more than 435 miles, according to the Quintana Roo Speleological Society (QRSS).Also called “cenotes”, these underground rivers were formed by thousands of years of dripping rain water upon the subsoil’s calcareous […]

Riviera Maya Fact – A little Piece of History…

  This area was an important commercial and religious center for the ancient Maya, and there are many archaeological sites to discover in the area, such as Tulum, Cobá and Muyil. For hundreds of years, the area remained isolated from the rest of the country due to the lack of adequate roads. As Cancun was developed, […]

Some quite interesting facts about golf- #3 Lingo

  “Links” comes from the Old English hlinc meaning raised or ridged ground. A birdie is a score of one under par – and the birds grow rarer as the score improves: an eagle is two under par, an albatross three under, while four under par is unofficially known as a condor. Scoring a condor – a […]