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And suddenly..Wellness – Change your mindset, one step at a time

No one likes change; it rarely comes easy. Slowly incorporating small steps toward your goals overtime leads to huge changes in the long run.  Many people jump, headfirst, onto the diet bandwagon around the New Year, but don’t. Adopting too much change at once often leads to burnout. Instead, outline your short-term goals, achieve them slowly, […]

Upcoming TAO Wellness Center Event,A Healing Adventure by Jonathan Ellerby

  Join master teacher and two-time best-selling Hay House author Jonathan Ellerby PhD as we journey into the fullness of life: exploring how we lose, gain and maintain inspiration and vitality. This special inspired living workshop will cover key areas essential to embracing life and facing radical change, while also embracing ample time for rest, recreation, and […]

TIPS FROM THE TROPICAL #7 Practice Mindfullness

Make a very intentional eddort to bring an openminded, present-moment quality of attention to everything you do. Begin with simple activities and expand outward from there. Instead of trying to have no thoughts or a clear mind, just practice paying attention to your senses and the details you observe. Pay less attention to your thoughts […]

“An Ancient Future”

In May our very own co-founder – best-selling author Jonathan Ellerby PhD – led an incredible workshop combining small group lectures and workshops with experiences of Mayan culture and day trips to extraordinary ecological and historic sites. The theme, “an ancient future,” examined how ancient traditions offer enduring wisdom for daily life, and the constant […]