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DIY Homemade Soap

Here is some general homemade soap information Soap is made in two parts, lye and water, plus a mixture of oils. The two don’t combine easily, so they must be brought to similar temperatures. Lye and water get very hot when mixed, so the mixture must cool before being added to the oils. The oils must […]

6 Things People With Unexpected Remission From Cancer Did To Cure Themselves

1. They changed their diets. The majority of Dr. Turner’s interviewees credited diet change as a powerful tool for self-healing. Most recommended eating a diet consisting primarily of whole vegetables, fruits, grains, and beans, while eliminating meat, sugar, dairy, and refined grains. When your body’s innate self-repair mechanisms are overtaxed with cleaning up toxins from […]

6 Tips to Turbo Charge Your Workout

Want to be in phenomenal shape like all those people that stroll around the gym like they own the place? It takes a lot of hard work, but you also have to go about it smartly. If you’re going to get in shape, take the following pieces of advice to heart as you create your […]