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TAO Wellness Retreat in the Riviera Maya.

  Located in a lush jungle landscape and designed with modern elegance and a natural simplicity, the TAO Wellness Center is the Riviera Maya’s most innovative and complete space for wellness retreats, and special events relating to health, personal growth and total well-being. The Wellness Center is led by, Dr Jonathan Ellerby, a best-selling author […]

Retire in Mexico for Year Round Nice Weather

   As global warming rises, climate patterns change resulting in more extreme and unpredicted weather across the world – many places getting hotter, some colder. For instance, the US and Canada are braced for potentially record-breaking low temperatures as a winter storm has already blanketed areas of Canada and the north-eastern US with up to […]

Some quite interesting facts about golf- #2 Illegal to Legal

Illegal to Legal The first mention of “golf” was in a 1457 act making it illegal. James II of Scotland banned golf and football and suggested people spend their time practicing archery instead, as this might be of some defensive help to the country. The ban was reinforced by James III in 1471, and again […]